11th December, 2013

MAACA needs your help for a Moroccan in Prison


Dear community members,


We are sadden by what happen to one of our dearest  active community member Mr. Ahmed Dmini, and we are writing to you today to update you on his most current Status hoping to find your kindness and generosity to help him out in his difficult time.


Mr. Dmini has been arrested on November 06, 2013 by Los Angeles police and he is been held  in the  Los Angeles County jail due to some issues that he had with his employer DWP.


Initially few of his closest friends made the decision to help him get an attorney but unfortunately the expenses were outrages. His bail was set at $150,000.00 so to bail him out he needs $15,000.00 plus attorney fees which are $7500.00 so far $2500.00 has been paid already and we are looking at $25,000.00 expense if not more.


Mr. Dmini was a very active member in our community helping many Moroccans in situations like this or even worst as he devoted his time money and energy to all Moroccan that needed help.


Today our turn has come as friends and community members to help him back to support him and stand by him and his family in this difficult time.


Alhamdo Lillah our number as a community had grown and we know that $25,000.00 will not be a burden on us


We are asking each and every one of you to kindly help and support Mr. Ahmed Dmini anything you can contribute will help and will be very much appreciated.


Mr. Ahmed’s Wife Veronica and children:  Zakaria (5) and Salma (1) are depending on God and on our community to support them and stand by them, so let’s prove them that we are a one hand community that always stands for each other no matter what the circumstances are.


Please make your checks payable to The Moroccan American Association of California (MAACA)


Mail to: 1013 N Azusa, Covina CA 91722

For any question please call me at 626-712-5100
Thank you all for your support and generosity.
Said Lakhlifi