Your Majesty, America will never forget that in 1777, the first nation in the world to recognize the United States was the Kingdom of Morocco. George W. Bush.
Pledge - “Dar Al Maghreb”

"Together, We will make our Vision a reality"

We are proposing that we all join together as a community and create a House of Morocco - Dar Al Maghreb – Maison du Maroc: An Moroccan American Cultural and Community Center, where Arts, Cultures and Communities co-Exist in Harmony.

Our vision for Dar Al Maghreb is a Community Center where Moroccan Cultural Heritage would be showcased, where Moroccan Green Tea would be served all day long, where Civics, Religion, History, English, Arabic and Moroccan cooking classes would be taught, where our community would gather, where our Seniors would feel home away from home, where Moroccans down on their lucks would find refuge, and where our Youths would build friendships and networks to carry our legacy into the future.

We have already started a cause on Facebook called Dar Al Maghreb - House of Morocco - Maison du Maroc. Please join us and let us work together as a community to make this vision a reality. We are confident that together we will make it happen.

We are each willing to invest in our future, financially, physically and mentally. We understand that each one of us is at a particular stage of his/her life but no matter your current stage in life, you will be given the opportunity to participate and contribute towards the creation of Dar Al Maghreb and ultimately benefit from it for your lifetime and beyond.

MAACA will take donations as money, furniture, rugs, pictures, Moroccan Artifact, dishes, etc…

Tax ID: 45-3148168
State of California Registration Number: C-3361614
If you have any questions please call us at

(909) 999-6569

If you would like to pay by check, Please make the check payable to
"Moroccan American Association of California" and mail it to:

Moroccan American Association of California

1305 West Arrow Highway, Suite 205

San Dimas, CA 91773 - USA

Thank you for your contribution; with your support we will continue making a difference...
"Donate and be Part of a Noble Cause"
Our association's work is made possible by the  generous donations of many individuals like you.
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